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SMS & catering businesses

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Frequently used by restaurant owners throughout the year to warn of a special offer or confirm a reservation, the professional SMS is a means of communication perfectly adapted to the restaurant sector. Whether you run a gourmet restaurant, a snack bar or a bar, it appears as the essential tool to boost your turnover! Continue Reading "Catering businesses: how SMS helps you boost your turnover".

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SMS A2P trends in 2021

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Each French person receives an average of 10 A2P (Application To Person) SMS messages per month. These messages sent by companies to their customers are a key element of customer relationship digitalization strategies. However, the health crisis has accelerated the digital shift of companies. How has the use of SMS communication been impacted? To answer this question, our services have analysed more than 170 million SMS messages sent via our mobile messaging routing platform between1 September 2020 and 31 January 2021.

We offer you our latest study on the use of SMS A2P by companies in 2021.

Also check out the infographic below, summarizing the main points of our study.

The full study can be found here : https://www.smsmode.com/barometre-2021-sms-a2p/

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smsmode sms cyber security

Fighting cyber crime 

An SMS received is an SMS opened in 97% of cases. A high percentage, which says a lot about the trust we place in our mobile phones. If we combine the major vulnerabilities of our smartphones with the little attention we pay to them, it gives an explosive cocktail.

So why do we pay less attention to the security of our smartphones than we do to the security of our computers? In this article we explain how smsmode© is involved in the fight against cyber crime on our mobiles.

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Can my Android phone receive RCS messages?

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Presented as the SMS 2.0, RCS (Rich Communication Services) is making a remarkable entry into the telecommunications market in 2021. In fact, the Mobile Marketing Association is already predicting that more than 30 million mobiles in France will be able to receive RCS by the end of the year.

In the infographic below we show you step by step how to activate RCS messaging on your own mobile phone now!

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smsmode© products and offers

A set of product and presentation sheets to provide you with complete information on the range of products and services offered by smsmode©.

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Service support & hotline" form

A quality approach is at the heart of smsmode© DNA. As such, different tools are available to our customers in order to provide this quality support service: ticketing tool, StatusPage to be informed in real time of slowdowns and disturbances, 24/7/365 on-call service. Discover all the tools and benefits of our support offer.

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sms fight against covid smsmode mobile messaging platform

SMS at the heart of the fight against covid

February 2020, beginning of the health crisis: the State chooses SMS to help it raise awareness among more than 67 million French people. Allowing instantaneous and secure dissemination of information, it appears to be the ideal tool.

We explain how SMS has become central to the fight against COVID and why it is a powerful ally for those seeking safety and performance.

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smsmode© products and offers

A set of product and presentation sheets to provide you with complete information on the range of products and services offered by smsmode©.

RCS Feature Guide


"All the features of the RCS " guide

Throughout this guide, you will find the different types of content messages and buttons embedded in the thread, which are offered by the RCS. These new and powerful features create engaging and interactive conversational experiences.

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Through our white papers and studies, discover expert advice on how to master SMS sending and optimise the use of SMS in your communication.



How do companies use SMS in 2021?

What are the 2021 trends in usage, sending habits and content of A2P mobile messaging? What are the evolutions compared to 2020? What impacts has the Covid-19 crisis had on mobile marketing?

Sending SMS A2P (Application to Person) is a practice favoured by brands. Very efficient, it allows them to establish a direct and immediate link with their contacts.
As new messaging channels (RCS, WhatsApp Business, etc.) enter the A2P mobile messaging market, SMS remains the preferred mobile communication medium for brands to communicate with their customers and contacts directly on their mobile.

To establish this second major survey dedicated to SMS A2P, smsmode© analysed more than 170 million SMS sent by some 1917 French brands and companies between September1st, 2020 and January 31st, 2021.

SMS barometer A2P 2021



The number of SMS notifications sent was higher (58.34%) than the number of advertising SMS (41.65%). 2020 is thus the first year in which SMS notification has become the main use of A2P SMS and has dethroned advertising SMS, the historical use of this communication channel by companies.

Despite the health situation related to VIDOC-19, A2P SMS sending volumes were maintained (+0.16% compared to the previous year). It should also be noted that COVID-19 has had little impact on notification shipments. On the other hand, marketing mailings were dependent on containment measures (-21% over the period from 1 to 20 November 2020 compared to the previous year).
SMS marketing operations linked to major promotional events (Black Friday 2020 or the 2021 winter sales), both postponed due to the health situation, were largely less impacted and suffered a drop in sending volume of "only" -7%.

breakdown of SMS per day and per use
Distribution of SMS Marketing / Notification


In terms of sending habits, we do not notice any major changes compared to our previous study in terms of variations in notification traffic over the course of the week: SMS notifications are sent in a descending fashion from Monday to Friday, with an increase in sending at the beginning of the week.
On the other hand, on the advertising side, in 2020, marketers have favoured Tuesday and Friday (and to a lesser extent Monday) to carry out their promotional campaigns by SMS, a real change compared to last year when Thursday was the preferred day for marketers to carry out their campaigns.

distribution of shipments according to days of the week

As for the hours of sending favoured by companies, SMS operations (marketing & notification combined) are still mainly - and this trend is increasing from year to year - carried out throughout the wide time slot from 8am to 8pm (representing 91.15% of SMS sent).
We will notice 2 trends:
- a shift in sending preferences for the morning, especially between 9am and 12 noon (+4.1 points over 1 year), the time slot where delivery notifications are sent, a booming sector that increasingly uses the SMS channel,
- an increase in end-of-day mailings, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm (+2.3 points compared to the previous year), which reveals the rise in Click and Collect and meal delivery services that traditionally use this schedule to send their notification messages.

distribution of SMS by time of sending


distribution of A2P SMS by operator

There has also been little change in the breakdown by French mobile network. The ranking of operators receiving A2P SMS campaigns is therefore composed of : Orange (31.38%), SFR (24.87%), Bouygues Télécom (20.37%) and Free (17.89%) and is consistent with their respective market shares.


The content of SMS campaigns conducted in 2020 includes 160 characters or less - i.e. 1 SMS per message - in a very large majority of cases (73%).
In terms of changes compared to the previous year, we note both a trend towards shorter and shorter messages (+1 point increase for SMS messages of between 80 and 120 characters), and a rise in long and detailed messages (+2.6 points for messages of more than 160 characters over 1 year).

number of characters in A2P SMS messages

SMS A2P and Sender ID

At the same time, there was a decline in the use of personalised issuers (down 2.3 points in one year). This underlying trend corresponds to the development of ShortCodes (or short numbers) dedicated to a brand. Indeed, to cope with the growing use of fraudulent personalized issuers, more and more advertisers are resorting to a dedicated short number as protection against smishing (phishing by SMS).


SMS A2P return code

As far as performance indicators are concerned, the SMS confirms study after study that it is a very effective communication channel. With a deliverability rate of nearly 95% and an unsubscribe rate (Opt-out or STOP SMS) of 0.11%, it is a powerful lever in marketing strategies, and thanks to its performance, it is an essential channel for mobile communications.

This year 2021 sees the rise of SMS notification. Reflecting a latent trend that we have been observing for several years, the surge in informative messages can be explained in part by the transformation and digitalisation of the economy, of which the crisis linked to the Covid-19 will ultimately have been only an accelerator.

The very gradual arrival of new mobile messaging channels (WhatsApp Business or RCS) should not disrupt this growth in the coming months. Reserved for notification - and in addition to conversational commerce messages for RCS - these new channels are building strategies that place highly targeted and interactive One-to-One communications at the centre. All in all, these practices foreshadow the mobile marketing of the future.


Discover the best success stories of our customers who have run inspiring and successful mobile campaigns. Thanks to our solutions, these companies have made mobile messaging a major asset for their communication strategies.


RCS Panda Tea Camapgne

The interaction potential is certainly the main asset of the RCS - Rich Communication Service -, the successor of the SMS.
It is this promise that seduced the committed brand of teas & wellness infusions Panda Tea, and that convinced it to deploy its first RCS campaign in collaboration with smsmode©.

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Through our white papers and studies, discover expert advice on how to master SMS sending and optimise the use of SMS in your communication.

Downloadable free of charge, our white paper will help you discover new mobile messaging channels and new opportunities for your communication.



New A2P mobile messaging channels
for your business

SMS has been well established in the A2P (Application to Person) mobile messaging landscape for 15 to 20 years now. And now new formats are suddenly coming to fold the cards. Between those already established in the panel of communication tools (push notification and WhatsApp Business API) and those coming on the market (RCS and Verified SMS).

In a context where the use of instant messaging by private individuals is only just exploding, this new market that is opening up for businesses, is synonymous with new opportunities to get in touch with its customers. And businesses have understood this.

Indeed,aware of the stakes and the potential offered by these new channels, the expectations of companies are high. The first French companies are now beginning to use these new channels in their global strategies and to see the first returns.

Through this new smsmode© white paper, we have drawn up a complete overview of its new channels... so that you can then choose the best support.

mobile messaging white paper: RCS, WhatsApp Business and others

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Through the 28 pages of this white paper, discover the functionalities offered by each of these new channels, their features, their compatibilities and their potential.



3 pillars: multimedia, conversation and security


WhatsApp Business


RCS - Rich Communications Services


Verified SMS


Push notification


Summary of available features

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RCS now available for businesses
Computer graphics

The RCS - Rich Communications Solution -, the new generation of SMS and mobile messaging, is currently being deployed worldwide . The benefits of RCS are numerous for brands: enriched and interactive media content, with results far superior to those seen with SMS campaigns.

Discover with our computer graphics this new mobile messaging channel that will revolutionize your future... and the mobile communication of companies! Continue Reading " Computer graphics "RCS now available for business" "

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SMS and Black Friday
Trends in 2020

What place does Black Friday occupy in the marketing events of the year? How important is it for brands? What dynamics do they perceive? And most importantly, what impact has VIDOC-19 had on the marketing strategies being considered?

Back in image with this computer graphics which illustrates the answers of this survey on an event that has become over the years unavoidable and which this year has a special flavour for the brands - retailers and e-merchants - that we wanted to question at the end of October / beginning of November. Continue Reading " Computer graphics "The SMS & Black Friday" "

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Why organise an SMS campaign for Black Friday?

Averitable institution in the United States, Black Friday has become an unmissable event in France in the space of ten years. An increased sales opportunity for merchants and e-merchants, the event is also very popular with consumers when preparing their holiday shopping.

Thus, the days leading up to Black Friday are synonymous with strong marketing activity for companies. Mails, TV spots, social networks, all means are good to attract the attention of the consumer. This is your chance to make the most of it!


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smsmode Barcelona international Spain UK

Barcelona here we come!

The whole smsmode© team is proud to announce its presence in Barcelona.

After Paris, it was in Spain that we decided to pack our bags. The idea was born from the desire to intensify our European development and thus meet the needs of our customers and partners.

As a dynamic company of FrenchTech, it was important for us to put "a foot" in the Spanish market and thus strengthen the influence of our country abroad. We hope that this establishment in Barcelona is the first of many in Europe!

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French Days

The French Days are coming!

The French Days take place twice a year. The first edition had been postponed because of COVID19, it is with pleasure that we announce its second edition, from September 25th to 28th! The French Days, the ideal opportunity for you shopkeepers to make the most of your SMS campaigns!

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