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Examples and case studies of using the SMS sending made by some of our 10 000 customers, start-up or international groups.


Moneder is a Catalan customer loyalty and payment management platform for the retail sector. The company works mainly with public authorities, which can thus support local businesses, their sustainability and, ultimately, the dynamism of their territories. In this way, they provide their local businesses with an innovative digital solution that enables them to compete with online retailers and major brands.


For more information on Moneder: www.moneder.cat

Making SMS a cornerstone of small business communication

Moneder has integrated the sending of customizable SMS in its web & mobile applications via the implementation of the smsmode© API functions. In addition to sending emails, SMS is thus made available to merchants to run loyalty campaigns as well as to effectively notify their customers of key actions on the Moneder platform: confirmation of a purchase, periodic information on the customer account balance, points expiration alert, secure password regeneration, etc.

With the assurance that these SMS messages are always read, retailers have an effective channel to communicate with their customers.


How to integrate a chatbot into WhatsApp business?

28 April 2022

By using a chatbot in WhatsApp Business, you are integrating the number one ally of customer relationship management in an application designed for this purpose. WhatsApp connects billions of users. With WhatsApp Business, companies now have an ideal way to engage their customers. Using WhatsApp chatbots allows you to do this quickly and on a massive scale. This solution alone can change your brand image. A conversational bot helps your support team, engages your customers and gives you an omnipresence that can boost your sales. Follow the guide to a successful implementation of WhatsApp Business chatbot successful.

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smsmode© white papers

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& free studies

Through our white papers and studies, discover expert advice on how to master SMS sending and optimise the use of SMS in your communication.





How will businesses use SMS in 2022?

What dynamics for the A2P SMS in 2022? What new trends? What is the evolution of traffic compared to 2021? How has SMS marketing adapted to health restrictions? What impact will vaccination have on SMS notification?

These questions are answered in this third major survey on the A2P SMS.

To do this, smsmode© analysed more than 247 million SMS sent by some 2108 French brands and companies between 1 September 2021 and 31 January 2022.

The sending of A2P (Application to Person) SMS
(Application to Person) is a practice that is very popular with brands. It is a very effective way to establish a direct and immediate link with all their contacts.
While brands are always exploring new mobile messaging channels to create new ways of interacting with their customers (WhatsApp Business, RCS, etc.), SMS remains the universal solution. It is fully compatible with the mobile fleet and new uses continue to develop.

SMS A2P 2022 Barometer




The trend that began in 2020 continues to be confirmed in 2021. The number of SMS notifications sent continues to grow (+97% compared to the previous year). After overtaking marketing last year, notification is now the dominant channel, accounting for the overall increase in the number of messages sent (+45.28%) .

SMS marketing remains on the same dynamic as the previous year (-0.89%). Marketing mailings in 2020 were strongly impacted by the containment measures. 2021 will also have been a quiet year in terms of marketing traffic, probably slowed down by a health situation that did not allow marketers to carry out large-scale advertising operations.
However, there was a certain rebound at the end of the year, with an anticipation of mailings linked to promotional highlights, such as the approach of Black Friday. Communication campaigns around the sales were more important in 2021, but more spread out over time than in 2020.

number of sms per daysms marketing vs sms notification


As in 2020, SMS notification in 2021 remains evenly spread over the week. The only difference in 2021 is that Monday is slightly less popular and all other days of the week are more popular. The peak of sending is now on Tuesday and a decrease in the number of sendings takes place until Sunday.
On the marketing side, Fridays remain the favourite day for marketers to run their promotional campaigns via SMS. But it is Monday that now takes second place, replacing Tuesday, which is clearly decreasing compared to previous years. Saturday's share is also increasing year on year.

Percentage of sms per day

If the wide time slot from 8am to 8pm has been asserting itself year after year as the time slot representing the vast majority of sendings (marketing and notifications combined), 2021 is the year where this time slot reaches a kind of plateau (91.12% of SMS sent, against 91.15% in 2020).
In general, 2021 sees the morning becoming increasingly popular with businesses (33.69% of sends).

The 10am-11am time slot continues to be the preferred sending time (+3.29 points compared to the previous year), and the 11am-12am time slot is also gaining ground (+1.76 points). Only the 9-10 a.m. time slot loses 2.64 points.
Shipments are down after 4pm compared to last year (-1.84 points), probably due to the deceleration of delivery services and Click and Collect.

distribution of sms sending by hour


distribution of sms dispatch by operator

The distribution of SMS sent by operators is extremely stable from year to year, in line with their market shares:
Orange (30%), SFR (25%), Bouygues Telecom (20%) and Free (15%). The only slight change is that NRJ Mobile (5%) gains 1.39 points in 2021.

The rise of SMS notification announced in 2020 has indeed taken place in 2021. While SMS marketing has not returned to its pre-pandemic level, the digitalisation of exchanges has been confirmed and notification has driven the growth of A2P SMS as a whole.

The vaccination campaign is obviously not unrelated to this sharp increase in traffic. Online medical appointment booking platforms have seen an explosion in the number of SMS reminders and confirmations of appointments.

The SMS OTP (one-time password) has also played a major role in this growth. It had been impacted by the cessation of its use for banking transactions, but is finding a second wind in the multiplication of accounts requiring strong authentication. Connection to cryptocurrency wallets, remotely accessible company platforms (with the development of teleworking), or accounts hosting sensitive data are all new uses involving a strong need for security, to which the SMS provides a response.


Drive-to-store: the number one marketing strategy for physical shops

4 February 2022

The Internet has become a privileged point of contact for all brands and their potential customers. But in-store sales are still relevant, they are evolving and can benefit from mobile to improve the customer experience. It is therefore essential to reduce the distance between online and offline, and more precisely, to bring web users into the shops. This practice is called drive-to-store. Discover how to generate qualified traffic in physical shops with web and mobile marketing, and how SMS performance can make your drive-to-store campaigns take off.

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smsmode© documentation

The documentations

A set of product sheets and presentation sheets to provide you with complete information on the range of products and services offered by smsmode©.

Rich SMS fact sheet


Rich SMS" sheet

With Rich SMS, increase the performance and power of SMS tenfold by integrating a link to a personalised landing page. Thanks to our landing page editor service coupled with the link shortener, you have all the tools and functionalities to bring your SMS campaigns into the era of interactivity, conversion and tracking!

DOWNLOAD PDF - French (233 kB)


The New Mobile Messaging Channels 2021, the infographic

7 December 2021

Mobile messaging is constantly changing. Many new channels have appeared recently: RCS, TTS, WhatsApp Business, VMS, push notifications... This multiplication of ways to reach customers is obviously an opportunity, but each channel has its own characteristics and advantages. It is therefore advisable to know these channels to exploit their potential to the full.

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smsmode© documentation

The documentations

A set of product sheets and presentation sheets to provide you with complete information on the range of products and services offered by smsmode©.

WhatsApp Business Features Guide


All WhatsApp Business Features Guide

This guide covers the different types of content and buttons available through WhatsApp Business. It also details the possibilities, specifications and technical constraints of each of these features. Enabling fluid and multimedia interactions, this channel opens a new way for customer care conversations and pull marketing.

DOWNLOAD PDF - English (2923 kB)


Two-factor authentication, the expert solution for security

10 January 2022

Security on the web is an issue for everyone. Protecting the sensitive information of one's company, but also of one's customers, is an important task for which the simple duo of login and password is no longer sufficient. It only takes one compromised credential to see a cyber attack succeed. That's why two-factor authentication is the ideal tool to secure logins. Find out why 2FA (Two-factor authentication) is almost essential for business security and why SMS OTP (one-time-password) is the best way to implement two-step verification.

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smsmode© features

The features
for sending SMS

A set of practical sheets to discover and master all the features of creating and optimizing your SMS campaigns.

Generate and share custom short links for your mobile messages

smsmode© offers a short link generator integrated in your customer area, to convert a link into a short URL of only 12 characters. Without the need for additional manipulation or external tools, this short link can be easily shared in SMS, RCS or WhatsApp Business messages.
You can get a short link for landing-pages created via the smsmode© functionality or for any other URL (landing-page, website, mobile application, social network page or profile, etc.).

This URL shortener feature is only included in the Classic, Medium and Premium subscriptions.

Why shorten my link via smsmode©?

  • an economy of characters particularly adapted to the constraints of SMS.
  • a better readability of the link in its communication.
  • a short link clickable on all devices and operating systems (iOS, android, etc.) thanks to their top-level domain.
  • insertion in the body of SMS, RCS and WhatsApp Business messages.
  • use within all our solutions (SaaS platform, API, plugins & connectors, etc.).
  • Click-through statistics included to obtain the CTR of campaigns.

How to shorten a URL and insert a short link on the smsmode© platform?

smsmode© has set up an automatic reduction of all your links, whatever the solution used (online platform, API, Mail2SMS...). When you integrate a link into your message, you only need to count 12 characters (the length of a short link, smsmode©) in place of the original link. If you do not wish to personalise your short link, you can go directly to step 2: use and follow-up of short links.


1️⃣ Go to the "URL shortener" tab on the left-hand side of the "Services" menu in the customer area.

2️⃣ Click on "Create a short link" to create your first short link.

3️⃣ Enter the URL you wish to shorten.

4️⃣ Name your link (optional) so you can find it later.

5️⃣ Choose the expiry date of your short link.
By default, it expires after one month.

6️⃣ Confirm the creation of this short link by clicking on "Add".

link shortener


1️⃣ Copy and paste your generated short link into your message.
This short link of 12 characters can be used whatever solution you use (SMS editor of your email or others)

2️⃣ Track the number of clicks on your link.
Please note: the number of clicks updates in real time but only when refreshing the page 5️⃣.

3️⃣ Find a short link from the list by searching by keyword.

4️⃣ Delete a generated short link at any time by ticking the relevant URLs and then clicking "Delete".

use of short links


Discover the best success stories of our customers who have run inspiring and successful mobile campaigns. Thanks to our solutions, these companies have made mobile messaging a major asset for their communication strategies.


SMS plugin Zapier Mediflash

Created in August 2020, Mediflash is a replacement platform for caregivers created by caregivers. By putting health institutions and independent professionals in touch with each other for short missions, the philosophy of this young startup is above all to improve the status of health professionals thanks to better remuneration for these temporary missions.
A success story that bases the key stage of mission notification on SMS.

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How to calculate the conversion rate of an SMS campaign?

4 November 2021

The conversion rate of your SMS campaign is perhaps the most important performance indicator. It allows you to calculate the return on investment of your campaigns, the cost per purchase/customer, but also to determine if your marketing is in line with your objectives. Furthermore, the conversion rate allows you to improve your communication, campaign after campaign, and to have a clear vision of the results of your marketing efforts.

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Preparing for the 2022 sales with an SMS marketing campaign

7 December 2021

SMS is a powerful marketing tool. And when it comes to making a communication campaign to announce the sales or private sales, it is simply becoming unavoidable. These messages, with their unrivalled open rate and return on investment, have already won over many brands, shops and e-commerce sites. Find out how you too can boost your marketing campaign for the winter salesThis is thanks to the unlimited potential of SMS.

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SMS, the most environmentally friendly communication tool

27 October 2021

Do you want to communicate in a more environmentally friendly way? It's not only the content of a message that can show your ecological commitment, the channel can also make a difference! Find out why SMS is the least polluting communication channel and how it compares to e-mails or paper leaflets.

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smsmode© documentation

The documentations

A set of product sheets and presentation sheets to provide you with complete information on the range of products and services offered by smsmode©.

smsmode offers and products description sheet


The different smsmode© offers and products" sheet

With nearly 20 years of experience, smsmode© has developed a complete range of products, offers, tools and plugins to meet a wide variety of customer needs and issues in the implementation of their mobile messaging operations:

  • available channels: SMS, TTS, RCS, WhatsApp Business or email
  • software solutions & plugins: SaaS platform, plugins or interconnection protocol
  • additional services: SDA, HLR Lookup, chatbot, mobile masking or Verified SMS,
  • marketing automation plugins: Adobe campaign, Selligent, Eloqua, Maketo, etc.
  • developer tools: SMS APIs, RCS or WhatsAppBusiness

DOWNLOAD PDF - French (496 kB)
DOWNLOAD PDF - English (846 kB)
DOWNLOAD PDF - Spanish (847 kB)

smsmode© documentation

The smsmode© blog

mobile masking smsmode sms

Mobile masking: communicate safely

Mobile masking is a technology for anonymising telephone details. By assigning a single-use phone number, you can communicate without having to share your contact data.

Discover this new product, exclusively at smsmode©. Continue reading " Mobile masking: communicate safely "